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Arts and humanities play a role in improving and maintaining a community’s business climate. Most businesses agree that important ‘quality of life’ factors should be considered in local decision making. According to a US Labor Department report, the arts are cited as important for foundation skills which include creative thinking, problem solving, exercising individual responsibility, sociability and self esteem, which prepares students for jobs.

Businesses committed to the arts recognize the link between our cultural vitality and success. They know that arts involvement has a positive impact on business people, culture, and performance. The effect of arts programs on a community is more than aesthetic; a vibrant arts community can increase sales and property values.

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts was voted Non-Profit of 2010 by the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce, indicating the significant role within the Tri-Lakes community and beyond.

Our business membership is for local and regional businesses who want to partner with TLCA to help us further our mission. This membership includes benefits from general membership,

  • Interact with an active community of art lovers
  • Receive discounts on select performances and events
  • Receive Arts Insider E-newsletter and select mailings and invitation
  • Participate in volunteer opportunitie

As well as,

  • Initial consideration in partnerships for special projects
  • Two TLCA Individual Memberships for two of your employees