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Laurel Astor

I am a pastel artist that has been painting, teaching and selling my art for about 15 years. I use vibrant colors and contrast to add a dramatic touch to my paintings. I paint mostly landscapes with the occasional flower, rooster, or still life. Read More

Carol Probst

I love to paint plein air, immersed in the sights and sounds of nature.  Using watercolors, acrylics, oil, pastels or a combination of materials, I keep my eyes fixed on the landscape, with only an occasional glance at the paper.  With passion, and fearlessness, each piece is a celebration of God's creation. Read More

Kyle Blakely

Kyle’s interest in painting began in college, when he signed up for an art class. He works primarily in acrylic on large canvases, and his work is inspired by mid-century abstract artists and architecture. He frequently explores the connections between shapes, colors and textures. He also has an interest in landscape photog... Read More

debi Story Maddox

A lifelong artist, debi’s perspective on art has been shaped by her life’s experiences and world travels. In addition to creating thought-provoking, stunning visual art, she has studied art in bohemian districts, galleries, and museums throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. In 2008, debi gleaned further inspira... Read More

Randy Elliot Hull

Randy is a Monument artist focusing in oils.  His tastes range from impressionistic landscapes to realistic wildlife.  Inspired by the study of light and the colors of nature, Randy is an avid Plein Air painter.   Randy has had formal instruction in Ohio and Colorado as well as picking up techniques from a number of skilled ... Read More

Ronny Walker

Ronny Walker, acclaimed sculptor. It is no accident that Ronny makes her sculptures appear so alive.  Her purpose is to go beyond the physical beauty of the human figure and capture the internal fire of emotions, thoughts and spirit.  Her sculptures bring forth our own story, filling us with memories and feelings when ... Read More

Laura Maddox

Laura’s  art is a meditation presented within a 2 dimensional space. Each piece embodies a unique energy guided through a triad of mediums (sand, watercolor and photography). A meditation evolves into a sand painting which is subsequently photographed to preserve the image. The original sand painting is deconstructed and ... Read More