Ronny Walker

Ronny Walker, acclaimed sculptor.

It is no accident that Ronny makes her sculptures appear so alive.  Her purpose is to go beyond the physical beauty of the human figure and capture the internal fire of emotions, thoughts and spirit.  Her sculptures bring forth our own story, filling us with memories and feelings when viewing them. “Sculpture has always been a fascination for me, as far back as I can remember.  I recall as a child gazing up at the statue of a Roman emperor, watching the light and shadows change the sculpture’s mood.  Also its physical presence becoming part of the surroundings, claiming its own space.  I fell in love.”

Ronny grew up in Europe with a father, who as an art appreciator, introduced her to the many places so rich in art.  These experiences left a lasting impression, leading her on a life-time journey in the arts.  She studied formally and in private institutions, becoming a painter, writer, musician and photographer.  The studies led to her consuming passion as a sculptor.
“I had to go through all the mediums in order to find what I truly love, and that is sculpture, which combines all the other mediums and allows me to tell stories, perhaps evoke a thought and most of all, ignite the viewer’s inner soul.”