Randy Elliot Hull


Randy is a Monument artist focusing in oils.  His tastes range from impressionistic landscapes to realistic wildlife.  Inspired by the study of light and the colors of nature, Randy is an avid Plein Air painter.   Randy has had formal instruction in Ohio and Colorado as well as picking up techniques from a number of skilled artists in classes around the country.   Randy has traveled to Europe, Africa, and Asia and is always on the lookout for that perfect scene to paint.   One of Randy’s favorite art moments was in the Dresden museum and walking around the corner and seeing Raphael’s “The Sistine Madonna and her Angels” .  The painting takes up the entire wall and is brilliant in its color and play on light.  Not bad for a 500 year old painting.  Randy is a recently retired Engineer and now has more time for painting.   The engineering discipline has given him a understanding of color, angles and reflection.   Randy’s favorite artists include; Raphael (of course), Monet,  Cezanne, and Vermeer.    Now all that Randy needs to do is “Paint what I see”.