debi Story Maddox

A lifelong artist, debi’s perspective on art has been shaped by her life’s experiences and world travels. In addition to creating thought-provoking, stunning visual art, she has studied art in bohemian districts, galleries, and museums throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. In 2008, debi gleaned further inspiration from yet another extended tour of European museums, castles, and gothic cathedrals.

debi’s art has been described as ethereal, spiritual, and prophetic. She is a series artist. When she begins a series, she never knows how many pieces will be included. Upon completing a series, she embarks on a new one, differing entirely in concept, color, and theme. Her oil paintings and drawings have been exhibited in galleries, juried art shows, and museums. She is also much in demand as a renowned muralist. She has been featured in scores of newspaper and magazine articles, and on television specials and news programs.

Visual Prayers, a full-color art book, contains over 80 of debi’s paintings and drawings, along with her personal commentary on each unique series. She has also authored and illustrated an allegorical, poetic book entitled Wordivore World, based on her “Wordivore” series of canvas drawings. She co-authored with her husband, Michael, a volume of poetry entitled, Lightning Bolts & Butterflies. Her latest book, Jonah – Through the Eyes of an Artist, a study guide for the artistically gifted, will soon be published.

In 1992, debi and Michael, established a non-profit organization, Project Peace on Earth. The Maddox’s opened the gates of their 116 – acre, wooded property near Dallas, Texas to any artist, who required an environment conducive to creativity, inspiration, and healing. The sanctuary property also served as the site for numerous music and art festivals. In 2005, debi and Michael brought their artistic and spiritual vision to Colorado.